Self Care Camp Part II



This camp will be similar in scope to the Self Care Yoga Camp that was offered in the Fall on Saturdays.  This camp will continue the implementation of the sensory tools learned and be offered once every 5-7 weeks through the month of May.    Campers will engage in a variety of activities with a focus on learning how to support self regulation using a mind, body, spirit approach.  Self regulation is the ability to monitor and control emotions, behaviors and thoughts to meet the day to day demands of daily living.    This camp is open to any child as all children require coping skills to manage stress but will discuss how to use tools to support focus and attention, manage sensory overload, manage intense emotions and believe that they have the power to support themselves.   Campers will engage in a variety of activities including but not limited to the following:  hands-on activities, guided imagery, mindfulness activities, yoga, art, drumming, practicing deep breathing, and experiences in nature throughout the seasons.  This will also be a time to practice social interactions where campers will  work on how to give a compliment and show kindness, reading body language of others and how to interact with others positively.  Occupational and Speech Therapists will support this camp.

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*This camp will meet ONCE every 5-7 weeks on Saturday mornings.

*Sessions will be indoors and outdoors depending on the weather.

*It would be beneficial for your child to be able function within a group and enjoy being outdoors.

DATES:  All sessions will be on a Saturday morning.  There will be NO session in March. December 10th, 2016;  January 14, 2017; February 25, 2017; April 8, 2017; May 6, 2017.

TIME:  10 a.m. – noon (NOTE: this camp is longer per session than the Fall)

LOCATION:  Rainbow Tree Therapies, LLC  477 Perch Lake Rd. Hudson, WI 54016

FEE:   $300  (if you were a camper for the Fall Camp, you will receive a $10 discount for continuing your camp experience, so the fee would be $290). Scholarships are available for those need financial support in registering.

SPOTS OPEN:    There will be 9-10 camper spots available with up to 3 professional staff supporting.  We advise that you register soon to guarantee a spot!  We will need a minimum of 5 campers to proceed with the camp.

AGE OF CAMPERS:     8-12 YEARS (age can be flexible if the fit is appropriate – please email Lisa at to inquire).

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  1.  Can I sign up for individual sessions?  If the camp is not deemed full, then we would gladly accept registration of individual sessions.  Fee per session is $75.  Please let us know if this is of interest to you and we will put your name on the wait list and notify you if the camp is full or if we are accepting individual sessions.  We of course encourage attending all sessions to maximize the benefit.
  2. Will the camp be different than the Fall Camp?   Hands-on activities may differ but we will continue to practice the skills learned as we believe that it takes a significant amount of practice to generalize the skills and tools learned.
  3. Will there be a parent camp running simultaneously?  This continuation will be for the child camper only.  Please stay tuned for additional parent camp offerings!
  4. Can I still sign my child up if they did not attend the Fall Camp?  Yes, absolutely.  Concepts will be reviewed and skills will be practiced.
  5. My child is not within the age range but I feel it would be a good fit.  Can my child sign up?  Please contact Lisa Haverly at to inquire.  There can be flexibility with the age range if it is a good fit for the child.

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