Parent Camps


Parent Camps

Lisa Somerville has worked in the health & wellness field since 1998.  She has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Promotion/Wellness and Health Education from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point and is a certified Health & Wellness Coach through WellCoaches.  Lisa is also YogaFit Level 1 trained.  Lisa’s passion is with working with individuals and groups of all ages and supporting them in discovering their innate ability to heal themselves and live a life that is full of joy, optimism and true happiness.

Lisa supports those she works with either individually or in a group setting with a genuine sense of curiosity and provides opportunity for self-exploration.  Lisa has a strong connection with nature and fostering an environment which allows for increased self-compassion and mind body experiences such as mindfulness, meditation, breathing techniques & basic yoga.
Currently, Lisa works for HealthEast Ways to Wellness as a Health & Wellness Coach and is available for one-on-one appointments as well as facilitating groups on topics such as stress management, self-care, meditation, mindful eating and yoga.  In her spare time, Lisa enjoys the outdoors spending time gardening, camping, kayaking and hiking.
Personal Statement
 “When individuals are given the opportunity to share their stories and be accepted for who they are without any judgement or preconceived ideas placed upon them, that is when their true human potential is discovered”.
Lisa Somerville will be our camp guide for the Revitalize Parent Camp!
This camp will be outdoors in a gazebo type space currently in the process of being built.

Instructed by Lisa Somerville, Health & Wellness Coach

Resiliency Parent Camp

*This camp coincides with 4 out of the 5 sessions of the Self Care Camp Part II.*
DATES:  JANUARY 14, 2017; FEBRUARY 25, 2017; APRIL 8, 2017; MAY 6, 2017
        Time:  10:15-11:45 a.m. Saturday mornings
          Location:  477 Perch Lake Rd Hudson, WI
Fee:  $200
Introductory Fee with ONE PRIVATE SESSION WITH LISA:  $275

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