Rainbow Drumming Camp – NEW!

NEW WEBSITE LAUNCHED DECEMBER 2016:  www.rainbowtreetherapies.com

Rainbow Drumming Camp



Ages:  All children ages 7-12 years are invited!

(age can be flexible if an appropriate fit!)

Fee:  $175


NEW WEBSITE LAUNCHED DECEMBER 2016:  www.rainbowtreetherapies.com

Limited to 10 campers so register soon!

Camper Leaders:  Lisa Haverly, OT and Sean Cudd OTAssistant

Drumming has a long history in being used for ceremonial purposes, bringing together communities, and artistic expression.   Historically it has a strong presence in tribal nations from all continents from Native Americans of North America to tribal communities of Africa and South America.  The therapeutic benefits of drumming are many.  For the purposes of this camp, Rainbow Tree drumming camp will promote the following:


Rainbow Tree’s Therapeutic Drum Circle  will bring children together to support community of learning together, brain and body development, leadership, confidence, self expression, finding joy in music and rhythm and experiencing a drum circle in a natural camp setting.

Each Day

Each day campers will learn about a specific type of drum by “traveling” to a certain part of the world to explore the history of the drum in that culture.  Campers will learn a specific rhythm, engage in drumming games that support motor coordination, self regulation, and leadership, explore a variety of percussion instruments and participate in a drum circle jam session.

Therapeutic Benefits 

The therapeutic developmental benefits include increasing upper body strengthening, bilateral integration/motor coordination, timing and rhythm, active listening, self regulation, and social interaction.

There is no experience required for this camp!  Drums and other percussion instruments will be provided for your child to use while at camp.  Sean Cudd builds and creates drums which we will be using at camp.
Your child will benefit the most if he or she can function within a group setting and tolerate the noise of drumming.

Research to Support Drumming