NEW WEBSITE – see below! Fall 2016 Self Care & Yoga In The Woods




Please see new website for Summer Self Care Camp!

Ages 7-12 years

This class will intermix a yoga experience with learning tools to support sensory processing and self regulation.  This camp will incorporate meditation, mindfulness, healthy eating tips, breathing techniques, and other sensory tools to support increased awareness and a calm but alert body, mind, and spirit.  This class would be supportive of children who may be experiencing anxiety, hyperactivity, sensory sensitivity, self regulation challenges and/or low self esteem.  A sensitive child may feel deeply, respond to the world around them in a more intense way, require more down time or intense moving time, require more observation time before joining, be more sensitive to textures or sounds, and may need more compassion and understanding.  This camp honors the sensitive child while offering insight into how to be who they are using tools and strategies!  Campers will engage in hands on meaningful activities to support self expression and self regulation as well as utilizing natural materials to create.  In past summers, campers have engaged in naturally dyeing cotton, sewing weighted lap pads, creating essential oil wool geodes, painting worry stones, woodburning, and imprinting leather bracelets.  Come enjoy a beautiful experience! Each child will be expected to function in a group independently. Weather permitting, all classes will be outdoors!  This class would a wonderful support as children transition back to the school environment.


TIME:  TBD  See new website

DATES:  TBD FOR 2017  See new Website.

LOCATION:  Rainbow Tree Camp on Perch Lake Rd


Please bring:  water bottle, yoga mat if you have one, and snack is optional.

Click here for Registration Form


2 comments on “NEW WEBSITE – see below! Fall 2016 Self Care & Yoga In The Woods

    • Hi Julie – Thank you for asking! I hope to have a yoga class starting again in Fall/Winter. Those dates will not be posted until summer. I do have a couple spots open for Yoga In The Woods which is a 3 day camp in June if that interests you at all. Otherwise, if you follow my website, I share information that way along with my Facebook page and you can look for dates that way! Thanks again. Lisa Haverly

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