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A Consultation Services 

Home Sensory Diets * Creating Peaceful Sleep * OT Mentorship

Creating a Peaceful Sleep Space – Fee $400-

*Available for families who live within a 45 mile radius of Hudson, WI

Designed to support children and adults in creating a bedroom space supportive of restful sleep.  Fee includes:  1) On-site nalysis of sleep space to determine interfering factors of restful sleep (up to 1.5 hours)  2) Specific feedback on remediation of potential health hazards  3) Specific feedback on supportive holistic tools (sensory comfort tools).   The analysis will be based on principle of Building Biology and from a Sensory Processing perspective.  Building Biology assesses the environmental factors that could be impacting sleep.    This evaluation will be completed by a Building Biologist and Occupational Therapist.

Home Sensory Diet – Fee $300 (Available starting Spring 2017)

Designed to meet the individual sensory needs of your child.  The plan will be established based on observation and information collected from caregivers.  A sensory diet looks at how to provide sensory input that meets the need of the nervous system.

The consultation plan includes a brief evaluation in person, record review of any private evaluations, a written plan, one individual follow up session to go over plan, and up to two phone or email check-ins with the caregiver.   Sensory Diets are helpful for children who may be described as any of the following:  1) Sensory Seeker – constantly moving  2) Sensory Avoider – easily overwhelmed  3) Sensory Sensitive – strong aversive reactions to certain sensations  4) Poor Registration or Low Level of Alertness – low tone, appear tired or drowsy, brain fog.

Occupational Therapist Mentorship –

Lisa Haverly will answer questions regarding how to become an effective school-based therapist or how to start a nature based holistic private practice.  Fee:  $45/hour of mentorship.  


Please contact Lisa Haverly at to inquire.