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Two spots left for Self Care Camp II

Hello Families!

Self Care Camp II is fast approaching and I have just 2 spots left for this camp.  This camp will support self regulation including exploring emotions while engaging in activities that support calming the nervous system, exercises that support integration of the brain, activities that encourage social skill development.  This camp will provide a space where your child will feel safe, confident, and cared for.   Campers will become mindful of nature as it changes through the seasons as well as mindful on how to use deep breathing to support big emotions, and will gain insight on how we all have storms in our life but it is how we manage those storms that leads to feelings of empowerment.  Click below to learn more and to register.

Self Care Camp Part II

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PARENT Camp January 2017

Resiliency Parent Camp!

Space is Limited!!!


If you want to:

* Create a sense of calm in the chaos

* Enjoy a feeling of resiliency amidst day to day obligations

* Take some time to re-center

*Implement ways to decrease stress using mind, body, spirit tools


After such wonderful feedback,

Lisa Somerville, Health & Wellness Coach

will be returning to facilitate this caregiver camp.
*This camp coincides with 4 out of the 5 sessions of the Self Care Camp Part II.*

DATES:  JANUARY 14, 2017; FEBRUARY 25, 2017; APRIL 8, 2017; MAY 6, 2017


        Time:  10:15-11:45 a.m. Saturday mornings

          Location:  477 Perch Lake Rd Hudson, WI

Fee:  $200

Introductory Fee with one PRIVATE SESSION with Lisa :  $245




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Flight, Fright or Fight!

I have been learning so much lately on the fight or flight or fright response that our nervous system goes into when under significant stress.  It is fascinating how protective our systems become to any perceived or real threat.  The processes and interactions within the body systems during times of stress are fascinating.  I have also learned the long term effects of overworked adrenals.   Toxic levels of cortisol can be detrimental to our health.

For some of the children who I get the pleasure to know and care about, those perceived threats to the system, can create such havoc on the entire mind, body, and spirit.   A child who struggles with chronic feelings of anxiety, frustration, or anger can have challenges in overall health and wellbeing.   This can interfere with interacting and navigating the world around them.  It can lead to poor self esteem, social isolation, decreased energy, fatigue, and lack of joy.   It can also be so hard for the entire family system to navigate when their child is under such significant stress.

In my work in supporting children, I have observed more and more children who are under significant distress.  The distress can be caused from many different reasons from changes in home life, stressors at school, trauma, sensory processing challenges and other developmental challenges.   I believe though that hope is not lost and that children can be supported to work through those storms of life.  Tools and strategies and a good support system are required.

We hope that Rainbow Tree can be one of those support systems.

I am so looking forward to supporting Rainbow Tree Campers in December when Rainbow Tree’s Self Care Camp begins!    The essence of Self Care Camp at Rainbow Tree is not only to provide a space of healing and true acceptance but also providing an experience of how to make changes within the nervous system to move through the storms when they appear.   Campers will learn life long tools to help manage stress!   The tools learned are proven to make changes within the nervous system to instill calm and a feeling of wellbeing.  As an Occupational Therapist, I strive to support people in maintaining a life of meaning, fulfillment, and overall function.   When our nervous system is in overload, it is difficult use those high levels of brain function to make good decisions, to learn, to problem solve, and to feel in control.

Campers at Self Care Camp will engage in a variety of activities and learn different tools.  One tool is teaching campers to deep breath.  The research is very clear that breathing exercises can enhance parasympathetic or restorative responses, decrease sympathetic (fight, flight or fright) nervous activity, improve respiratory and cardiovascular function, minimize the effects of stress, and improve mental and physical health (Pal, Velkumary, and Madanmohan, 2004).

The good news is that I have SPOTS open for this camp!  Click on the link to learn more:  Self Care Camp Part II

Thank you to those who have registered!  If you have questions regarding this camp, do not hesitate to contact Lisa at

Kind Regards,

Lisa Haverly

Rainbow Tree Therapies, LLC

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Self Care Camp Continuation!

Hello Families!

Self Care Camp for children ages 8-12 will continue through the school calendar year with sessions occurring once every 5-6 weeks.  Our first session will be Saturday December 10th! This is a way to support children in learning to cope with big emotions whether those emotions are related to anxiety, low self esteem, sensory processing challenges, and/or difficulty with self regulation.   Mind, body, spirit tools will be engaged in and practiced.  These tools will be lifelong skills and will benefit your child now and into adulthood.   We are hopeful that the periodic sessions will further support on a more regular basis those self care strategies and tools!  Thank you for considering.

Please visit the self care camp part II page to learn details on dates and time.  All camps will be on Saturday mornings!  We hope to see your child at camp!  Please let us know of any questions you might have.  Thank you!

Self Care Camp Part II

Kind Regards,

Lisa Haverly and the Rainbow Tree crew!

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Fall 2016 Handwriting Camp!


Fall 2016


This 5 week session will review UPPER CASE letter formation and also support those foundational hand skills needed to use a pencil.  Hand strength, in-hand manipulation, tactile discrimination, and kinesthetic awareness are a few of the important  skills required to use a pencil to write successfully.   The Handwriting Without Tears curriculum will be used to guide the camp along with a multi-sensory approach to learning letters.    The public school system has limited time to spend on teaching correct formation because of the increased demands.  Consequently, this is the perfect camp to get expert instruction and intensive meaningful practice!    Learning the correct way to form letters leads to more efficient and successful writers!  This would be a wonderful way to provided added instruction and practice to support the lifelong skill of writing!  Research shows that skilled handwriting improves skills in all areas of academics but that it is imperative that formal instruction be provided!

This will be a small group format with no more than 8 campers, so please register early to guarantee a spot!

Appropriate for ages 4-6 years

(older students accepted if the fit is appropriate)

Dates:  Mondays for 5 consecutive weeks

Start Date:  September  19, 2016

Final Date:  October 17, 2016

Time:  Expected but not confirmed time: 4:15-5:30p.m.

Fee:  $185 includes Handwriting Workbook

Location:  Rainbow Tree Therapies, LLC

477 Perch Lake Rd. Hudson, WI 54016

Click here for Registration Form

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Straw Bale House at Rainbow Tree

I often get questions about the uniqueness of the home that rests within Rainbow Tree Therapies.   The intention behind building this home was to build with concepts from Building Biology recognizing the interplay between the earth and those who inhabit it and being mindful and intentional about choosing building materials that are nontoxic to not only humans but to the earth.   Our building goal was to build an environmentally conscious space including renewable energy resources and sustainable building practices.  Straw is the primary insulator in the exterior walls.  Straw is a renewable energy source and has a high R value.   The steep roof was specifically designed to maximize solar gain for solar panels.  The solar energy provides hot water heat and domestic hot water.  A 100 year old barn out of River Falls was recycled and utilized throughout the interior of the home.   There are two living roofs that retain rainwater which decreases water runoff as well as acting as an insulator.    You can read more about our
home at this website: 



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