Self Care Camp Continuation!

Hello Families!

Self Care Camp for children ages 8-12 will continue through the school calendar year with sessions occurring once every 5-6 weeks.  Our first session will be Saturday December 10th! This is a way to support children in learning to cope with big emotions whether those emotions are related to anxiety, low self esteem, sensory processing challenges, and/or difficulty with self regulation.   Mind, body, spirit tools will be engaged in and practiced.  These tools will be lifelong skills and will benefit your child now and into adulthood.   We are hopeful that the periodic sessions will further support on a more regular basis those self care strategies and tools!  Thank you for considering.

Please visit the self care camp part II page to learn details on dates and time.  All camps will be on Saturday mornings!  We hope to see your child at camp!  Please let us know of any questions you might have.  Thank you!

Self Care Camp Part II

Kind Regards,

Lisa Haverly and the Rainbow Tree crew!

By lisahaverly

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