Fall 2016 Handwriting Camp!


Fall 2016


This 5 week session will review UPPER CASE letter formation and also support those foundational hand skills needed to use a pencil.  Hand strength, in-hand manipulation, tactile discrimination, and kinesthetic awareness are a few of the important  skills required to use a pencil to write successfully.   The Handwriting Without Tears curriculum will be used to guide the camp along with a multi-sensory approach to learning letters.    The public school system has limited time to spend on teaching correct formation because of the increased demands.  Consequently, this is the perfect camp to get expert instruction and intensive meaningful practice!    Learning the correct way to form letters leads to more efficient and successful writers!  This would be a wonderful way to provided added instruction and practice to support the lifelong skill of writing!  Research shows that skilled handwriting improves skills in all areas of academics but that it is imperative that formal instruction be provided!

This will be a small group format with no more than 8 campers, so please register early to guarantee a spot!

Appropriate for ages 4-6 years

(older students accepted if the fit is appropriate)

Dates:  Mondays for 5 consecutive weeks

Start Date:  September  19, 2016

Final Date:  October 17, 2016

Time:  Expected but not confirmed time: 4:15-5:30p.m.

Fee:  $185 includes Handwriting Workbook

Location:  Rainbow Tree Therapies, LLC

477 Perch Lake Rd. Hudson, WI 54016

Click here for Registration Form

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