Straw Bale House at Rainbow Tree

I often get questions about the uniqueness of the home that rests within Rainbow Tree Therapies.   The intention behind building this home was to build with concepts from Building Biology recognizing the interplay between the earth and those who inhabit it and being mindful and intentional about choosing building materials that are nontoxic to not only humans but to the earth.   Our building goal was to build an environmentally conscious space including renewable energy resources and sustainable building practices.  Straw is the primary insulator in the exterior walls.  Straw is a renewable energy source and has a high R value.   The steep roof was specifically designed to maximize solar gain for solar panels.  The solar energy provides hot water heat and domestic hot water.  A 100 year old barn out of River Falls was recycled and utilized throughout the interior of the home.   There are two living roofs that retain rainwater which decreases water runoff as well as acting as an insulator.    You can read more about our
home at this website: 



By lisahaverly

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