Staff Highlight: Rachel Everson-Fink

Becoming a Speech-Language Pathologist was not an A to B journey for me.  I discovered this career later in Rachel EF Photomy 20s.  In fact, I thought I was going to be a school counselor and even started my graduate coursework in that field.  Then my oldest sister had her second child, Logan.  Logan was born with significant developmental delays.  It was through Logan that I learned about speech therapy.  It was watching his therapists work to unlock his potential that led me to this field.  I returned to the University of Wisconsin-River Falls to pursue a career in Speech Pathology.  I have worked as a speech therapist in acute care hospital settings, in homecare, in the schools, and as an online speech therapist.  In each setting, my overriding goal has been to reach each person, young and old, to find not only their greatest potential, but to give them a voice so that they may be understood and honored for who they truly are versus being seen solely as a person with a disability.   My greatest personal joys are being a mother, a wife, sister, and friend.  My interests outside of work include weaving, natural dyeing, hiking, camping, animals, yoga, and cooking.  Working at Rainbow Tree Therapy has offered me the opportunity to combine many of my personal interests into one setting.  It is without a doubt a highlight of my year both personally and professionally to work with the children and other professionals at RTT.  Rainbow Tree is grateful to Rachel for bringing her many talents and love of supporting others to camp!  Rachel supports Find Your Rhythm and Self Care/Yoga Camp!

By lisahaverly

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