Camp Information 2016!

Hello Rainbow Tree Supporters!

On this cold day, I am looking forward to Spring, Summer, and Fall!  Planning is in the works for camps!  Look for a few changes with camps.  I hope you find the changes more suitable to meeting needs of children!  Please see the home page of the website for details.

We will be planning summer camps without Peaches, our award winning therapy horse who passed away this past Fall.  It was a sad day for all here at Rainbow Tree and we remember with fondness all that Peaches provided for the campers.  At this time, we are uncertain if we will be able to find another horse for this coming summer.  We do hope to have therapy dogs for Find Your Rhythm!

The structure of camp has changed a bit! As you will see the Yoga Camp and Self Care Camp are now a combined camp and will be offered in the Fall on Saturdays. This could be a wonderful support as students transition back into the school routine.  Self care tools are beneficial for all children.  Yoga, breathing, and mindfulness will be experienced in each session with focus topics each week such as nutrition and the garden, essential oils for calming, hands-on meaningful arts and crafts, and creating sensory tools.

The first camp coming up soon is the Handwriting Camp starting in April!  If your child has been struggling with lower case letter formation or could benefit from a review, this would be a great camp to consider.  It is a multi-sensory and fun way to learn how to write letters!!  More information is under Handwriting Camp on the home page!

Thank you and we hope to see you in the coming seasons!

Kind Regards,

Lisa Haverly


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