Excerpt from a letter written by a Rainbow Tree Volunteer 2014

As I begin the search for qualified volunteers – most of whom are professionals in their own right, I am reminded of this kind letter from one of my volunteers from last summer! I am happy to say that she will be returning this summer!

Rainbow Tree Therapies, LLC

Thank you Rainbow Tree!
     I am writing this letter to thank Lisa Haverly for the opportunity to volunteer during the Pre-K Boost Up Camp from July 29th-Aug. 1st, 2014.  My niece, Michelle Paulisich, a Speech and Language Clinician, got me involved in the camp.  It was the best experience I can honestly say I have been involved in and it was a fantastic opportunity for the 3-6 year olds involved.
    Two years ago, I reluctantly retired from teaching pre-school/kindergarten, after 34 years.  It was always my dream to teach in an appropriately designed outdoor, hands-on experience for Early Childhood children.  Graduating from college and trying to find a job, got me sucked into the public school system.  Of course, I fought the administrative ideals, and had to teach the academics the best way I could, but I always felt and knew that the hands-on teaching or concrete…

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