Update Summer Camps

Pre-K Boost Up is now full!  Thank you families for registering your child or children!!  The spirit of Rainbow Tree is beginning to emerge as Spring makes its entrance!   I have a few spots left in Self Regulation (ages 8-12) and Find Your Rhythm (ages 6-9).  I am opening up my Find Your Rhythm camp to 5 year olds who may be a good fit for this camp.  Find Your Rhythm is specifically geared toward children who have needs in motor and speech development.   Please inquire as to whether this may work for your 5 year old!  I urge you to register now as I received 3 registrations just today.   Love that families are thinking about summer and ways to support their children. Rainbow Tree is unique in that all activities have clear intentions of supporting brain and body development.  Even better is that the leaders are Master Level professionals! Your children will be in the hands of experts in Occupational and Speech Therapy!  Hope to hear from you!!    

In the spirit of sunshine and learning,

Lisa Haverly 

By lisahaverly

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