The Storm

A mom of one of my campers from our Self Regulation Summer Camp called to share a sweet story that was so beautifully inspiring that tears welled up.  This camper struggles with anxiety – mostly anxiety with performance, participating in large groups, and communicating when he is under stress.  This young camper is 7 and desperately wants to play sports like his friends and so his parents said ok we will try basketball again.  The scenario typically goes as follows camper gets in the door but freezes and just can’t participate.  There are typically tears and then shut down and then the return trip to home.  This time started no differently.  He sat with his head down next to his mom.  His mom was so gracious and patient and said to him “I know this is so hard for you so try if you can but if you can’t we can go home.”  His ball that he was holding accidently rolled away and he started to cry releasing all that stress energy.  His mom quietly reminded him of the “storm” analogy that he learned at summer camp.  We all have storms in our life, storms that we have to persevere through using tools to help us cope.  The mom shared that that was all it took.  It was light bulb moment, a moment when he decided that he could see this storm through.  He stood up and walked on that basketball court and did his thing.   This a true story and one that I will hold close to my heart forever.  Never underestimate the impact you can have on a child’s life.  Thanks to that mom for sharing these words of inspiration!

By lisahaverly

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